Why the name Patch?

"Patch" was inspired by the  Switchboard Operators -the hub for all communication activity. The iconic Operators were conduits of connecting and communicating, because of their ability to patch people together, allowing for one on one, as well as, a network of conversations, that were interconnected all of the world.  

We are more than a quick stop on your way to work or in the middle of your day. At Patch, we intentionally engage and connect with every person that we encounter - because you are our, friends, our family...our community.

It’s about a place for you to call your own, where your presence matters.  It’s where your story connects to someone else’s story…that could inspire stories. Whether you want to come in to catch up with an old friend, have a date night while listening to a live musical performance, learn to play the guitar or book the entire space for your event, we want Patch to be interwoven into the story of your life. 


We want you to feel good about where you spend your time and money. Patch is actively committed to giving back and investing in our local community, as well as our global one.

We want to inspire you to create, innovate, dream, do, be. So welcome home to Patch...this is for you.


"AUTHENTICITY IS A WORD over-used across social media bios, brand mission statements, and just plain old false promises. But Patch Coffee is an exception to that."

"Aside from coffee, events, like showcases to support local musicians, spoken word performers, comedians, and visual artists, draw locals to the shop."

"The goal of this spot is in the name. From business people looking to chat about their next big project to artists looking for some inspiration, there is a place for everyone at this coffee haven."

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