Cultivate Orange County by Synced Culture
5:30pm 5:30pm

Cultivate Orange County by Synced Culture

A new year is upon us and our team hopes you have the most productive and fruitful of them yet. We’re excited to announce the first of many Cultivate Gatherings. In 2017 SYNCED CULTURE will be traveling to major cities in the United Sates, West Coast. The soul purpose is to CULTIVATE the social media ground we walk on but in a physical space. To improve what we've created together, foster new connections and strengthen our gifts and talents by sharing stories, struggles and best practices. A movement doesn’t just happen. It takes labor of love. Before we can yield fruit that remains we must come together as a community, spend some time side by side hearing eachothers dreams, visions, callings and endeavors. Encourging and exorting one another. The Cultivate Gatherings will be at local Coffee Shops that have a similar vision for community as we do. The key nutrients that will help us grow when we gather are these. The presence of local and non local start up brands, non-profits, ministries, creatives and musicians. Hearing their personal story of how they cultivate in their community and having hands on crafting experience for those wiling to try new things.

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